Monday, 1 April 2013

The other things that I have set up for the most recent bronze pour at uni, were a series of samples of folded paper coated in wax. These are a follow-on from the paper bowls. They are made from run of the mill watercolour paper and some wax that I had kicking about at home as these materials are cheap and accessible. I thought it would be interesting to see in small pieces how the bronze poured into the folds. I don't mind if they go wrong. I am often most interested in how to engineer flaws into my work. And if, they magically cast exactly as they are, then "ta da"  I have learnt that that is possible too. On the advice of the Jim, who I mentioned in an earlier blog, I used kebab stick sprues to aid the flow of the bronze. 
As our easter holiday draws to a close, and the likely craziness of the final term gets closer, I am excited to see how these small pieces work out.



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