Saturday, 28 March 2015

And on friday evening I went to a short yoga workshop with a new teacher Mandy Brinkley. It's hard to describe a yoga class but the theme was core cleanse and spring was discussed. I wanted to make a note of the word "melting" which she used to describe the coming of spring. I hadn't really thought of that, this year in England it's been cold for too long and the desire for sunshine has become a real yearning in my body that I have never noticed before. Drawing the thought of melting into me made me feel like the tipping point between winter and spring was more subtle than I realised and that patience, where weather is concerned, helps me to maintain my equanimity.
A few more fairly random pictures from this mornings gathering. I really like the river's line. And the drops of water on the blades of grass. 

An exciting morning meeting the other artists on the Waveney River Sculpture Trail and the team of curators headed by Sarah Cannell. Initially we gathered in the cafeteria to say "hello" and "who are you what do you do" and then walked in small parties the pathways along which the trail will be happening. 
This was my first trip to the specific site and although I can see several places that might be suitable sites for my work I would like to revisit in a quieter space so that it can find it's place of residence gently.
I felt a little nervous initially but came home feeling generally more sure and happy to be part of such a lovely collaboration. The Waveney Valley has a most extraordinary, magical, feel-good vibe. How can I describe it ? It's like being picked up by a warm soft breeze and dropped in paradise. Oh, and there was a very, very tame deer, Ellie, that happened to walk the trail with us.  

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My application for the Waveney River Sculpture Trail got accepted. I feel a mixture of excitement, nerves, joy, wonder and purpose which is a pretty good mix of feelings. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Meanwhile work on my prayer wall project continues .. I love the fragility of the weathered cloth which seems so apt for what it represents to me.

A surprise parcel in the post is almost always something wonderful. Yesterday I received two books from my lovely friend Helen, who lives in America. One is a recipe book for dolls tea parties "Mud Pies and other Recipes" by Marjorie Winslow and the other is "Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present" by Charlotte Zolotow with illustrations by Maurice Sendak. They will be quite awesome to share with my wonderful grandchildren. Elidi loves to make mudpies which is the beginning of many, many skills, cooking, gardening, socialising and the ability to imagine to name but a few. Many thanks Helen you made my day xx. Also thanks for the celestial tea postcard with the words of wisdom "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" - Lao Tzu.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Whew, where did February go ? The first part was spent working at the local art school, not in a glamorous role but helping with the new academic years intake of interviewees. It was inspiring on lots of levels to be there. 

And then I'd thought that I would have a quiet week this week getting my head into gear for the sdc showcase but it turned out to be a bit more go-ey than I'd expected. An artist friend, Holly Sandiford, put out for a couple of volunteers to help her set up a recovery though art weekly workshop and so I am committed to that for the foreseeable future. This looks like it could be very interesting work so I am excited to have been accepted as part of Holly's team. 

And the other thing I've been up to is putting together an application for the Waveney River Sculpture Trail. I know it's risky to talk up things that I haven't had a yes or no for but this brief really sang to me so I've got everything crossed and I'm putting out a fair whack of hope. Whatever the outcome of an application I have always found applying useful even when my proposal or work is turned down because the thought process and sketch-making that goes into getting it to a point that feels good enough creates a whole hive of new ideas and stretches me out of my safe space which allows me to grow as an artist. It's a win win situation really though I would really like to get this exhibition the Waveney Valley is a little bit lovely and it would be heavenly to have a good reason to spend some time there.