Monday, 1 April 2013

The bowl that I had cast earlier hadn't really worked out well. It is very solid. I had wanted it to be lighter, visually if not physically, like the paper bowl that it was initially formed from. I had another piece of the geranium paper in my sample stock so I decided to make another bowl to see if I could get the affect I was after. The paper bowl came out prettily, I wondered about putting a coating of shellac on it to help it hold it's shape. I decided not to, this was a mistake as it was too fragile to stand up against the plaster as it was poured into the mold. But one of the things I love is sampling, and although there is an "ouch moment" when a sample goes wrong, there is also an "aha, not like that moment" to counterbalance. And a feeling that I know a little bit more about the materials I'm using, what they can and cannot do, the boundaries against which I am pushing. The photographs are the remains of the paper bowl. I have no idea how it will come out of the pour, flat and a little sorry for itself I suspect. However I liked it's form in paper, the holes and shadows and how the light cuts through it and this has inspired me to do more paper work.

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