Friday, 27 May 2016

And a tractor mowing hay as we walked back to the village.  

And an awesome little sports car parked on the road when we came down from the hill 

There were house martins nesting in the entrance of the long barrow at West Kennet, too fast to be photographed.

A glimpse of Marlborough which is not really representative of the town, but, of the half a dozen photos I took these two I like. Some of the houses, particularly on the main street were very interesting with shingled fronts dating from the 1600's, sadly I didn't think to take photos of these I was too interested in stretching my legs after three and a half hours wriggling and sitting in the car, I'm not very good at sitting still. 

May has flown by, with this and that going on, a trip to Bodham and Glandford and Baconsthorpe Castle, and another to the Study Centre out at Earsham. It's been a catch up with friends month and a dance workshop and yoga workshop month. But most excitingly it's been a get out of the county and take a trip to Avebury month. 
My friend David had mooted the idea a while back when we went to Orfordness together, he had a yen to return having passed through beforehand, and it happened so did I. So on tuesday we set off bright and early with apples and Werther's originals, an os map (157) and printed out AA directions. 
We were lucky with the weather, which was beautiful, sunny with a light blustery wind, and lucky with the traffic which was pretty much all smooth flowing there and back. 
We stopped briefly to stretch our legs in Marlborough, a pretty town and then headed to Avebury, stopping to walk the stone passage that leads to the village, before exploring the circle, the wonderful little church, Silbury Hill and West Kennet Long Barrow. I took photos and some of them are lovely because it was a very photogenic area, every which way there were rolling hills and big trees and green, green, green countryside. I also took a little film when we first arrived because the grasses were billowing in the wind and looked amazing. Mostly the films I take are pretty dire but this one kind of worked.