Wednesday, 27 June 2012

As the busy-ness of college has diminished I've been relishing a little time to unwind and be quiet. 
I've been to the beach a couple of times. There were roses and tree lupins in flower at Lowestoft as well as the end of year show for the Design Crafts Degree at the technical college. At Burnham Overy, I walked out along the sea wall to the sea, as the sun was rising at 4.30. It's a few years since I've been there at that time of the day and it was magical as ever. Tho' the landscape changes, different flowers are in bloom, masses of multi coloured poppies, pink, purple, red. And a bank of wind turbines on the horizon just where the sun catches the sea at first light. 
Today  my shoulders are feeling looser after two fab yoga classes, both of which focused on opening up the shoulder girdle and upper back. On monday it was the lovely Lou Kitchener and on tuesday Joan Stonehouse
They are both really great teachers in different ways. I've been going to Joan's class, on and off, for fifteen years, and I still come away refreshed and inspired by her teaching. I started with Lou about a year ago after attending a yoga and raw food workshop with her. I find their teaching styles very complimentary. I'm blogging today mainly because I want to name drop them as really wonderful teachers of yoga, amazing women, kind spirits, who make a difference, as they generously share their knowledge.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Bracken and hedgerow flowers

The walking was hills and heath, and riverside, and flower filled meadows. These things are always a tonic to my heart and soul.
Just back from a trip to Wales. A week of walking. And a morning in the Ruthin Craft Centre, looking at the Nuno exhibition which was very inspiring.