Friday, 19 April 2013

Feeling breathless, the final portfolio hand in, and the build for the end of year show is upon us. One month, well slightly less, to go. I have too much to do so blogging may take a back seat, or, may be a way to calm my nerves, to follow and log my process, my progress. 
So here goes with some of my latest bits. My intention for the show is to set up a low stage with a step ladder on and a long piece of worked linen falling from ceiling to floor and cascading over the steps which will have samples on them. I've been thinking about different levels and directional focus, high, low, face forwards, face back. Also movement. My tutor suggested having the ladder half toppling or upside down, which I'll admit I hadn't considered. I'm glad he suggested it because I like the idea of making the ladder more active, but I'm not sure about that for this exhibition as I think I'm hoping to create a point of stillness. Stillness that feels like a last deep breath before my time at uni comes to a close. My hope is that it will all fall into place and that as I sigh out that last breath I will know I am finished and ready to move on to the next thing.

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