Saturday, 4 October 2014

It was a busy summer, well busy enough. And although I have indigo, cyanotype and rust experiments that I want to document on my blog I've been in easy space after the frenzy of preparation for the Blue Jacket Textile fair and just needed to revel in the late summer sunshine, to enjoy my garden and to begin to prep it for winter which is not so far around the corner. I've been sifting my compost heap which is always satisfying, and I've had one small bonfire.
Today, however, the weather broke which has given me a little time to read. That's the reason why I'm blogging today because sometimes I read a book and I just want to make a note of the title and author so I don't forget. This book is From A to X - A Story in Letters by John Berger. It's another library pick up and is a slow read for me as it has a quality that is akin to poetry, every word is potent and so it is difficult to absorb, but every word is potent and I am enjoying every word, and also the form. 
A part of me longs to write and another part struggles with that longing because when I do put down words they sound clunky and ugly. Maybe one day I will break through that vanity and let myself be. I know that I often encounter this block in art and the knack is to just do it and if it isn't good it's o.k. In a way it's a rule for life, better to take the risk than spend a lifetime wondering.
Anyway From A to X is giving me pleasure at the moment so expect a few little snippets over the next few days/entries.