Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Often I have an idea in my head for many months, even years, before I give it concrete form, and  generally the first scribblings are just that, scribble and notes. It's important for me to allow things to grow naturally rather than force them into fruition. but there are times when I question this process as it can look, and feel, as if not much is happening, but then a moment presents itself. The seed of an idea pushes itself into the light. Sometimes, it's a response to a deadline that I have taken on  but I have little formal work this year as I want to be free to follow impulses that have no goal, no obvious end, thereby allowing me to stretch out without tethers.
In previous blog posts, and in private conversation, I have talked a little about my fear that I am drifting but I am beginning to re-find what defines me after some weeks/months of play, a state which is ongoing. And I am beginning to get to that point where I am producing work that feels like it is leading somewhere. 
This is a sample print from a series I made yesterday and today, all which make me smile. 

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