Wednesday, 30 July 2014

It's taken me a little while to metaphorically clean my boots after coming home from my lovely trip to Cumbria for the ksdiy14 residential summer school. I arrived at the camp a few days after it had started, as the beginning clashed with my trip to Wales previously mentioned and I wasn't sure what to expect so went with an open mind and a hope that I would fit in, particularly as I was arriving a little late. There was a choice of accommodation, a bunk barn or camping and I opted for the bunk barn as it saved me carrying camping gear across the country. The bunk barn proved to quite luxurious, I'd had visions of dirt floors and hole in the floor toilets but it was a comfortable space with two bedrooms each with 8 beds, a large open  plan living space with a decent kitchen, and toilets and showers, which was pretty good at £6 a night. Not to mention the bunk barn was situated right next to the river with it's own small garden which meant, given that the weather was gorgeous, that swimming became a bit of a must do activity. The water was deep because of the weir, crystal clear and refreshingly cool.


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