Saturday, 5 July 2014

I took the circles over to my daughter's house to show Luca and his little sister asked if I had anything for her. Actually I have lots of ideas for Elidi but something that came out that visit is my recycled envelope project. 
I had taken some origami paper over to play with and we began by making rabbits. The first step of the folding was to fold diagonally across the square and then fold in the edges to the centre fold. This made a kind of ice-cream cone and Elidi called out "it's a lollipop" and wanted one in just that shape and so did Luca. I carried on making rabbits but I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Elidi's lollipop had taken on a life of it's own and become a shoe amongst other things. A simple piece of paper had triggered her imagination and she was rapt in a story of her own making. 
Meanwhile Jessamy and I shifted to making shrimps and boxes.
When I got home I picked up a pile of bank statement envelopes and decided to cut them up into squares for origami. It always feels like there is too much un-used paper in envelopes to throw away but I am never sure what I want to do that paper.
As I cut up the paper I began folding the squares into rabbits. There is something about rabbits. They are such fertile creatures, it seemed poetic that the rabbits should represent ideas. One idea gives birth to another and another until I am falling over ideas and I haven't enough time to make them manifest. 
And in fact the rabbits and Elidi, though she doesn't know it are the source behind my recycled envelope project now. Thank heavens for children who keep my thinking live. I will post some photos later.

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