Friday, 10 April 2015

It's that time of year when I catalogue what is flowering in my garden and make note of the weather and the birdsong. Perhaps it's a silly ritual but I was interested to notice that although it has felt like spring is late, it seems that year in since 2012 this is the time that the forget-me-nots flower. 
So here goes; the plums are blossoming, there are loads of violets and primroses, the forget-me-nots and bluebells are just beginning to flower, a lot of my daffodils are blind but those that aren't are in full bloom, some of the tulips are out, there are hellebores - pink and white - a single cowslip and a couple of snakes-head fritilliary (sp?), dandelions and hyacinth and the last of the snowflakes (I'm not sure if this is their right name, they are a tall snowdrop-like flower). The cow parsley and alexanders and honesty are in bud as is the cherry tree and the ramsoms and lords and ladies are in good leaf. Oh, and my crazy, blousy camelia is looking beautiful, flowering and still in bud too. It's taken me eight years to love this plant, but it looks lovely where it is planted now and seems to be thriving, what more could I ask ?         

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