Sunday, 5 April 2015

I needed to find a place for my proposed sculpture to be sited on the Sculpture trail. The previous week had been great, meeting the other artists and curators, but as regards connecting to the land I felt I had only just found my bearings. So this saturday I went alone to give myself a chance to see quietly. My secondary motive was to gather alder cones which are plentiful and give good colour. 
Getting to the old Otter Trust at Earsham from my home is a small trek that involves a walk and a bus and another fair walk. It took the whole day, and the bus ride to Bungay is a familiar journey that breaks my heart just a little, but it was a day well spent. And it is interesting laying new memories over old, it may be possible to mark time, to scratch a note out here and there, but stopping it, I think, is not possible or desirable.  

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