Friday, 20 November 2015

The week before last I went to Wales to visit a friend. She lives deep in the country, and her home is nestled just beneath a small mountain. Our meeting was one of those lucky breaks that life sometimes hands a body. It was brief, just two days on a shiatsu mentoring workshop but we kept in touch and she felt close although we had had no face to face contact for the five years between our first meeting and this recent re-encounter. 
I really love light-touch friends, people with whom it is easy to reconnect no matter how long we have been apart, people who feel connected even when they faraway and long ago. Good friends make all the difference.
It was a brief stay with a day of train travel either side, which is alot a sitting for someone not fond of sitting. But arriving in to Wales I was able to watch the sun set over the sea as we tracked the north coast to Llandudno Junction. 
She and her husband met me at the station and we fell straight in to chat as if we had known each other forever, some people are just easy company. I was made welcome when we arrived to their home by their two of their beautiful children who made us all hot drinks and supper. In the evening we watched a film "Marvellous" in front of a roaring fire.  

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