Friday, 20 November 2015

The next day was dryer, our plan was to trade shiatsu treatments but in the end time ran out and Pema gave me a treatment which included "the story of the buddha and the thief". In the afternoon we met up with a friend of hers who quilts and had made beautiful little quilted pieces out of pretty reproduction victorian cottons. 
I had taken my prayer pieces with me, with some shyness knowing that she was a skilled needlewoman. As we exchanged our work we both confessed to feeling inferior to each other's skills and instantly formed a rapport which took all three of us into conversation about textiles, yes, but also femininity, culture, politics, passion, prayer, poetry, and so much more, time flew by. 
The following day was my journey home but we managed to squeeze in a shiatsu treatment for Pema before heading to the station. 
The journey home was long but my heart and soul felt nourished by my brief visit. It is extraordinarily tonic to leave home for a little while and spend time in the company of new and good friends.

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