Tuesday, 18 August 2015

And lastly a continuation of my Human Rights Act Library Project, sadly my notes are still only scribbled out words on scraps of paper but it's fun to share this project with people I love. It's an innocent enough thing to do but somehow the act of placing the notes feels a little naughty. My accomplices and I enter the library with a secret mission and leave with a "my-work-here-is-finished" air. 
Later on in the day after a glass of wine or two we talked about the human rights act and that in a sense is part of what I hope this project will do. I hope that it will provoke some thought and maybe discussion. Thought is a fairly ethereal action, but powerful, a thought voiced can be like stone dropped into a pool. 
In the west we live in a world that is a mess of thoughts, a heavy-weight media presence means that we are easily nudged into following a course dictated to us by overbearing power-players. It is good to pause, to slip out of the mainstream, and exchange ideas with people who are precious to us, whose views we want to know, whose views we care to respect, whose views we chose to respect.
On the sunday we returned to the Whitworth to see Cornelia Parker's Magna Carta piece. The things that my son had said to me the night before meant that I saw it with different eyes, felt it with a different being. I guess that is the power of dialogue and exchanging thoughts, it is mind expanding, and as the mind expands our consciousness opens and a greater world is born, a world of possibilities unfurling into the infinite.   


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