Sunday, 16 June 2013

The work detailed below began with a dance performer called Rebecca Skelton who died too young. Her brother had engaged Gaelin to make her dream of creating a piece based around the lighthouse and the surrounding landscape a reality. 
This is something that she wrote about dance that is quite beautiful.

"Whilst dancing in the purest releasing state, I appear to be cultivating no-self. The paradox is that in becoming the dance (moved by an image) so I become more myself, and yet lose my sense of self at the same time. The "I" disintegrates. I am dancing "me-ness" which is brought about through the channel of the imagination, and thus the dance itself enables the complete integration of the psycho-physical being. This paradoxical and intertwining of one with "other" is also an aspect I relish. Inside becomes outside and vice versa. The paradoxical nature of suppleness as strength, - of less as more, are other philosophical approaches to being, that for me, tap into a spiritual connection." 
Rebecca Skelton 1968 - 2005


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