Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sometimes you get given a chance that is challenging but too good an opportunity to miss. For some years I have been going to dance classes, exploring the shapes my body can make and learning a myriad of skills that I have taken into other areas of my life. Dancing has helped me to extend my physical vocabulary and I love it, but I have stopped short of performing. In a way learning a little more about my physical presence has given me the confidence to own my space, to be a little more true to my self and to begin to know when I am acting a part and when I am just being me. 
However, a month or so back, one of my teachers Gaelin Little (mentioned in previous blogs) invited me to be a part of the research project detailed in the invite above. With some trepidation I accepted her invite, yesterday was the performance and I was a part of it. 
I am not a dancer I just like to dance, so taking part in this was something out of the ordinary for me, a step into the unknown and quite scary. I would say that performing to an audience is something quite odd for me, but it has been fascinating to see how Gaelin and her friend and assistant Lucille managed to put together the work and I have learned such a lot from this experience. 
I guess this blog post is a thanks to Gaelin for giving me this opportunity to stretch out of my comfort zone and learn a little more, and for trusting me to be a part of her project. 

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