Thursday, 9 June 2016

All across Norfolk and Norwich artists are opening their studios again, some do it every year, and some on and off. I did it a couple of years ago and it was alot of fun and interesting talking to visitors and seeing what caught their attention and what didn't. 
This year, my good friend Janet Cranness opened up her studio for the first time. We met while we were studying together in 2008-2010 and over the years since have built up a relationship that I value highly. 
Janet's work is gorgeous, she is an illustrator and printmaker who dabbles in textiles so we kind of overlap as I am a textile artist who dabbles in printmaking and illustration. Her eye for colour is exquisite and her drawn line is easy and sometimes comedic. She has some lovely images on her website
It's a joy and an honour to be able to see someone else's creative process, I'm sorry to say that Janet has finished her open studio stint but there are still lots open this weekend and I'd highly recommend visiting if you are in Norfolk and have time and a small inclination

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