Friday, 30 October 2015

In the spirit of simple, I've been turning long leaves into twine. It's creative but not challenging which allows my mind to soften and close down a little as I focus on an easy repetitive task. 
I had bunches of dried sisyrinchium and daffodil leaves kicking around my studio as clutter, now they feel a little more useful. The daffodil leaves made a fairly neat and rather lovely honey brown and green string. The sisyrinchium stained my fingers and the string which is black/dark brown is fat and thin with bits sticking out every which way. I like them both for different reasons and it's interesting to see how differently two fairly similar materials respond to the same process. I am rather regretting putting the crocosmia and flag iris leaves on the compost heap now but they will grow again and next year maybe I'll be more diligent in my gathering.

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