Sunday, 17 May 2015

I hope that anyone reading my blog will forgive me sometimes posting about politics. The results of the recent elections in Britain still feel shocking, and that shock is amplified by the behaviour of the conservative government in the days after. 
A rich country like britain can afford to be gentle. And if it is not it is to the shame of the government and those who are sovereign. I may, or may not, be on the list of people to knock down but that there is a list is enough to strike fear in me. That sounds very dramatic but as I have mentioned in a previous post I was a part of british society that Margaret Thatcher marked as scum or waste and this government, backed by a dishonest media, uses the same scapegoating agenda for what good purpose I am still not sure. 
Margaret Thatcher did this but maybe her poverty of soul was connected to her desperate need to climb a social hierarchy that condemns her always to being a wannabe. But the men in power now were mostly educated in expensive schools and universities, their inability to relate to people other than themselves looks like ignorance at best and cruelty at worst. 
Since May 8th I no longer feel peaceful. I feel like my country is being taken to pieces. I feel like the grasp of the rich has overwhelmed any sense of decency and that the "plebs" as our government calls us will suffer as a result. 
I write, not because I think anyone cares what I think but because I want to document my response to what is going on.          

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