Thursday, 28 August 2014

This year has been a fantastic year for my yoga practice. In January I was lucky enough to be able to take a space on Lou Kitchener's Yoga for the Mind course. This really set the ball rolling and has changed my life for the better, 100%. This was followed by several workshops including three with Lou that focused on the heart chakra, each in very different ways. And a yin yoga workshop followed by two evening sessions with Sarah Lewis. On top of that Jane Orrell taught a couple of classes at the ksdiy residential in Cumbria. And I am now looking forward to a week of early morning yoga classes again with Sarah followed up with some more yin yoga classes to ease me into autumn. 
Yoga is such a sanctuary for me, when I go to a yoga class it feels like coming home. I have been so lucky to have had some amazing teachers over the years, special mention here goes to Joan Stonehouse, whose gentle humour, grace and kindness seem to be the very definition of a yogi. It is not that I am particularly "good" at it, and over the years I have realised that that really isn't what my yoga practice is about, what I learn from yoga is to be still within movement, to let my breath cushion every moment, to extend beyond my physical being whilst simultaneously drawing in to my centre. What I learn is that being is good, being present is good enough and that I belong, I belong to a long line of people who like to move, to stretch, to be, to note, to smile and to be soft within my effort. I know I still have much to learn but I am grateful for this amazing year and the amazing teachers who have given so much by sharing their knowledge, their wisdom, their growth and their journeys.
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