Monday, 25 March 2013

I was particularly drawn to the dolls in Rene's collection of puppets. I had three particularly favourite dolls as a child. Mrs Tubby, a baby doll given to me by mrs Tubby. I've seen her like in books of collectables but where my mrs Tubby is I don't know. Mrs Tubby was a fat baby doll, all plastic with big painted eyes. Matilda was a christmas present, I think, she was rather pretty with dark hair. And Sylvia, a doll with short crunchy gold hair, not so pretty as Matilda but she had come with an amazing wardrobe of clothes made for her by my wonderfully sweet and gentle great aunt, Auntie Leska. I don't have Matilda or Sylvia any more either, I rather hope that they have ended up in a nice puppeteer's family of puppets, as the dolls in the pictures below have done.

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